What level of students is this academy for?


Our World Virtual Fighters Academy has students from all over the world and was created for 3 type of students in mind:


  • Intermediate/advanced level students who want to take their Karate to the next level..


  • Elite athletes who want to improve their skills.


  • Coaches or Instructors who want to share their knowledge and also learn from other instructors.


What are the main services the academy offers?


  • Virtual weekly classes

  • Elite Master Seminars


Are all classes online/virtual?


Yes, all classes are live-streamed and all academy members can participate in the classes. You can do the class/training at home or any other place of your choice. If your schedule doesn’t allow you to take the Live class, you can view the recording of it at anytime after the class.


How do you become a member?


Go to the registration page and click on the button that reads (Become a Member). Then Sign Up and pay for your membership there. 


Do I need special equipment or technology to access the classes?


No, you can access them from your mobile phone. Or if you prefer, you could access from your laptop or from any other device where you can watch an online video/livestream.

Is there a contract or can I cancel my membership at any time?

No, we do not require any contracts or long term commitments. Your membership fee is charged every month. However, your membership can be cancelled at anytime. The only thing that you will need to do is cancel the membership at least 15 days before your next due date. 

When is the membership payment Due?

Payment is due the same day of your enrollment. For example, if you enroll in the program on the 10th of this month, your next payment will be due the 10th of the following month. As another example, If you enroll on the 21st,  your fee will be due every 21st.

Who teaches the Weekly classes?

You train with a different Elite instructor/coach every week. We currently have some of the best athletes coaches and experts in their field.

In order to be a coach at our academy they had to achieve one or more of the following accomplishments:




For a more detailed list of Academy  instructors and Ambassadors, you can click here

Are the classes conducted in English?


Yes, for now all our live classes and seminars are conducted in English. We are studying the possibility of conducting classes in Spanish as well.

Can I see the calendar of classes?

Yes, every month we publish the calendar and the instructors that will be teaching for the month. You can see this month's instructors here


Join our amazing network of Karate athletes, senseis, coaches, referees  without leaving your home!