This is a unique opportunity to learn the best athletes and coaches in the world using an individualized approach (without the high traveling expenses and from the convenience of your home).


 Our top ambassadors offer private sessions by video review. The session is conducted using a private platform so your videos and communication won't be public. 

NOTE: Private sessions are only available to the Academy Members. Inside the platform (after you become a member) you can go to te Private video review session and complete your private session registration.  Becoming a member is as a low as $39. 

When completing this registration form you can choose a Top Ambassador to review a video of your Kata or Kumite performance.  The coach of your choice will send you the feedback/corrections and individualized tips on how to improve that performance by video and/or notes (or combination of both) After the form and payment are submitted, you will receive an email within the next 24 hours with instructions on how to submit your video.

The fee for a private video review is between $99 and $125 depending on the coach. Fees for private sessions are not refundable or transferable.

The coaches available now are:

Luca Valdesi - Italy

Antonio Diaz - Venezuela

Grace Lau - Hong Kong

Ali Sofuoglu - Turkey

Ariel Torres - USA

Javier Mantilla -USA




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