How does it work?

You submit the video(s)of your Kata and a panel of International experienced Referees or coaches evaluates and scores your kata using the official scoring criteria.  Besides receiving your score, you will receive notes and feedback with tips on how to improve your performance and skills.


 What divisions will be able to participate?


The event is open for novice/intermediate and advanced/elite students only between ages 8 and 13. The divisions are as follow:

8/9 Novice/Intermediate

10/11 Novice/Intermediate

10/11 Advanced/Elite

12/13 Novice/Intermediate

12/13 Advanced/Elite

How does the Circuit Ranking work?


There will be a  Ranking with the following point system:

  • Gold = 1000 points

  • Silver = 750 points

  • Bronze = 500 points

  • Participation = 300 points

How many events per year?


The circuit consist of 6 international events per season.

Who organized these events?


Each event is organized by one representative from the host  continent.

How do I register?

Through the provided link, you can upload the video of your Kata, fill out your information, and complete the payment all at once.

How much is the Registration fee?


The fee to register and compete in these virtual events are set by each promoter. The registration fees varies from $10 up to $30 per event.

How many videos or Katas do I need to submit for each event?


The system will require for you to submit two uploads. Therefore, you can do one of the following options:


  • You can submit one Kata and upload it twice (upload the same kata 2 times).

  •  Or you can submit two different Katas.


Why do I need two uploads?

Each division will be divided in 2 groups where the first uploaded Kata will be evaluated and scored (first round). Then, the best 3 scores from each group will move on to the medal round (second round) as follows:


The highest score from each group will compete in the finals for first and second place. The following two best scores (2nd and 3rd positioned in the group) will compete for the 3rd places. (The second uploaded video will be used for the athletes that move on to the medal round (second round).


Note: The first upload will be used for your first round and the second upload for the second round.

When, where, and how do I need to record the video of my Kata?

Your kata can be recorded from your phone or camera and uploaded from literately anywhere. Some of the options are:


  • A recorded video of you doing your Kata at your dojo 

  • A recorded video of you doing your kata at your house, the park, or simply anywhere. 

  • A recorded video of you doing your kata at a recent tournament


Two Important requirements:


  • Video can not be older than 6 months

  •  All katas submitted need to be performed with your Gi on.


Note: The referees will not pay attention to the setting or place. They will only evaluate your Kata performance.

What are the prizes for the winners?

After each event is finished, the winners (ranking leaders) of each divisions will receive a certificate award. At the end of the season, he first place winners of the overall ranking will also receive free registration for the following season. 

When are the events?

The season starts in June and ends in May every year. The events will be hosted by the following continents:


South America




North America (Grand Finals)

If I have any additional questions, how do I contact the league?

You can contact us here!

Registration link

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